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Pantastic ; Design Kamar yang Unik dan Kreatif

A bedroom is currently used not only to unwind, but it could also be a place to pour a hobby and creative owners. The more appropriate atmosphere of the room, the more comfortable also for the owners to settle for long in it.

Here are some bedroom design unique and creative and perhaps inspirational to be able to make your bedroom design.

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Amazing ; Patung Pahatan Kayu Yang Indah

Noble Tree is a favorite ingredient for many sculptors work. When age grows, stands silently in the same place, waiting to be used for works of art ... This wooden statues as beautiful stunning timber described in so many stories. Witch, fairy forest, Mogli ... live in the forest, and in this case is like Pinocchio and made ​​of wood.

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Peninggalan Armada Tempur Swedia Yang Terlupakan

Europe is filled with abandoned military airfield. Most have returned back to their farms immediately from when the war came, they cracked the runway and dispersal overcome by weeds. Rarely are they inhabited since destroyed by the remnants of an old fighter, but Rinkaby in Sweden is one of the rare exceptions.
Rinkaby airfield is a former military used today as a shooting gallery to train soldiers Sweden, Denmark and Norway in all aspects of the battle. Gateway to sites maintained by Saab Draken (top), displayed in takeoff dramatic pose. But while it is externally visible whole, these old aircraft are old fuselage stripped-out without instrumentation engine or cockpit to speak.
However, it has a better performance than most aluminum counterparts in that location. Less known - because of the lack of public access in Rinkaby - is that at the base, some airframes Draken rotting away along with other examples of excessive waste of military hardware there.
The images on top of Google Earth shows three concrete foundation, with a "display" Draken in the direction of the image (and inset). On the right of the south runway, close to the bushes of trees, clearly can be seen two more abandoned Saab Drakens and most of the debris variety can ever claim to be aircraft and vehicles.
After closer inspection, the situation is clearly very damaged vehicle. Old training aircraft in the rear of the trailer is more stripped-body of the plane. This cockpit control panel and space in which the pilot's seat 'was remains now battered metal mass and tangled cables.
The play remains of a third Draken shows vehicles that have been - or will soon - be used as a target range. All that remains of the former fighters are damaged plane filled with small arms fire, with torn and twisted metal around the engine nozzle. The future does look bleak for the fuselage other two (relatively) intact Draken and truck nearby. With this in mind, fuel drums and rusty iron bombs (bottom left) is warning of even more exciting things to come.

J-35 Draken made ​​from 1955 to 1974.
Retired by the Swedish Air Force in 1990, his successor is JAS-39 Gripen

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Taman Nasional Gunung Rinjani

Taman Nasional Gunung Rinjani
merupakan perwakilan tipe ekosistem hutan hujan pegunungan rendah hingga pegunungan tinggi dan savana di Nusa Tenggara
Taman Nasional Gunung Rinjani (TNGR) ini telah mendapatkan World Legacy Award dari Conservation International and Traveller (2004)
dan finalis Tourism for Tomorrow Awards (2005 dan 2008) dari World Travel Tourism Council (WTTC)
Juga TNGR diusulkan kepada United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
sebagai Geopark dunia atau taman bumi pertama di Indonesia
Dua lokasi lainnya adalah Gunung Batur di Bali dan Gunung Sewu di Pacitan Jawa Timur.
Pada awalnya Kawasan Gunung Rinjani merupakan kawasan Suaka Marga Satwa
yang ditetapkan Gubernur Hindia Belanda pada tahun 1941 berdasarkan SK No.15 Staatblaat No. 77 tanggal 12 Maret 1941
kemudian diumumkan melalui Surat Pernyataan Menhut No. 448/Menhut-VI/1990, pada acara Puncak Pekan Konservasi Alam Nasional ke-3 di Mataram sebagai Taman Nasional
Baru pada tahun 1997 ditujukan sebagai Taman Nasional Gunung Rinjani dengan SK Menhut No.280/Kpts-VI/1997 tanggal 23 mei 1997
seluas ±41.330 Ha yang terletak di tiga wilayah Kabupaten di Pulau Lombok

Organisasi pengelolaanya ditetapkan dengan SK Menhut no.185/Kpts/97 tanggal 27 Mei 1997 dengan nama Unit Taman Nasional Gunung Rinjani setingkat eselon IV.a
selanjutnya pada tahun 2002 berubah menjadi Balai Taman Nasional Gunung Rinjani (BTNGR)

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Mount Rinjani National Park is the representative mountainous rain forest ecosystem types low to high mountains and savannah in East Nusa Tenggara Mount Rinjani National Park (TNGR) has been getting World Legacy Award from Conservation International and the Traveller (2004) and the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards finalists (2005 and 2008) of the World Travel Tourism Council (WTTC) TNGR also proposed to the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as a Geopark world's first earth or park in Indonesia Two other locations in Bali is Mount Batur and Mount Sewu in Pacitan East Java. [Readmore..]
Robert III of Scotland King Robert III of Scotland is very concerned about the future of his kingdom because of the character of his ancestors. His son, David, high-spirited but spoiled. Robert gave his son the name of Robert Duke of Rothesay and gave him the royal authority, hoping that will change the attitude of the child. But the behavior of the child instead increasingly likely. He is survived by his fiancee and make Robert of Fife as the enemy. Robert of Fife later managed to persuade Robert III to arrest his own son. David was imprisoned in place of his uncle, Falkland Palace. There, David died. Robert III, who left David later also worried about the future of another son, James. He finally sent the boy was 11 years old to a rocky island to wait for the ship that would take him to France. James then became the British hostages. Robert III depression, refused food and died several days later. [Readmore..]
Polisi Sita Barang-barang Terduga Teroris Here's some evidence that the confiscated items from the collection of terrorists. Police showed items seized from the rented house Hendro Yunianto, suspected terrorists who died in an ambush on Saturday (14/05/2011) morning. The goods are now secured in Mapolres Sukoharjo. A number of items found, including the 7665 fruit threaded bolt that allegedly provided for bullet ejection. A bayonet complete with scabbard was also seized. There is also an air rifle caliber 55 and some wind obsolete weapons that have been assembled. Presumably these obsolete weapons was deliberately dismantled to study the principles of its work. Readmore